Session 4

Alex successfully went on a hunt and scared some asshole in the Whataburger parking lot.

Joy and Will got actual snail mail invitations to a magic school called Morpheus Academy, exams take place in the Dreamlands but most courses are taught online other than that.

Isaac checked on a token he was working on in the hedge. It wasn't done yet.

Michael and Daniel finally convinced people to investigate the blackouts, starting by infiltrating the local hydroelectric dam. The two of them pretended to be techs and got in thanks to Michael's Mask of Superiority. Isaac snuck Joy and Alex in. Most people only noticed that something that should have been there wasn't. Isaac realized that the feeling he gets is akin to his monarch's mirror.

A series of oh shits and cowering on his part, he texts the others he has a lead and we wrapped up early because it was convenient.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, in California there are giant animalian mecha that combine into a giant mecha, and Godzilla is real and has a research team that you can send (fan)mail to.


Kilacunae Kilacunae

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