Session 3

A month has passed since the blackouts, Joy becoming a magical girl and Isaac lighting his forest on fire. People are experiencing widespread hallucinations, nightmares that are memories of things that never happened, and in general are having problems with memory.

In the meantime, the bulk of the crew have decided to train by beating up the imps at Isaac and Michael's Hollow. Also, Will worked on his vocation by trying to convince his friend to go back to school. So Joy took a beat for fighting another bad thing, Isaac took a beat for stabbing himself in the foot.

They then left to go find some healing berries, which were near a tree and a people's pond. Not that anyone knew the latter bit. After Will set up a telepathic communication thing, which Joy took a dramatic failure to understand and thus a beat, they continued while listening to Joy's anxiety and intrusive thoughts. The hedge sang along with the songs stuck in her head.

Then they met the kelpie, which entranced Joy very, very thoroughly – to the point that she turned on her teammates when they attacked it – after Alex grappled it and used a nightmare on Joy to make it seem like a tentacle pony (here is a pretty good idea for what it looked like) which only made it more appealing to Joy. They smote it, got healing berries and while Alex didn't manage to add the area to his lair, it will be easier upon return.

All participating players get 3 beats. Michael, though not here, gets one. All players get a free merit dot.


Kilacunae Kilacunae

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