Session 1

Daniel starts off with a +1 to perception for being the only one to see Michael swap chairs. Michael gets a +1 to Stealth.

Michael got 2 beats for fulfilling aspirations, Alex got 1 beat for aspiration. Will gets 1 for fighting darkness, and 1 beat for stabbing Daniel (dramatic failure, 3 bludgeoning)

Michael retaliates by super-stealthing (disappearing from existence) and blinding Will via 3 bashing with a sword made of darkness.

We had all been watching awful horror movies and then suddenly there was a blackout. One so big and bad that the towers were down. Alex lit candles, Joy stepped out to check out the outside, Will stepped onto the balcony and met a strange new jerkass sphynx cat.

While Will and the shikigami were out on the balcony and Joy was outside, there was a scream. After a lot of debate, most people went outside, with Will, Joy, Apollo and Sandy leading the way.

While Daniel and fetch!Michael (and fetch!Isaac and Kelly) were getting weapons from Daniel's car, changeling!Michael drew fetch!Michael aside, convinced him that he was himself from the future and that they needed to merge before anyone noticed there were two of them. Successfully persuaded, the two of them merged with no one noticing.

Joy, Will and the shikigami arrived on scene to find a girl freaking out over having vomited out what she thinks is a centipede. It was actually a heartleech. While the pair attempt to attack (and Joy Blossoms into a magical girl dual wielding shotguns), Michael and Daniel show up. Michael uses Darkling shenanigans to cloak the party with magic stealth. Things start off ok, except Will keeps missing. And then he misses a little too much and stabs Daniel. Michael retaliates by super stealthing and smacking William blind with his sword. Joy finishes murdering the heartleech and comforts the girl while fetch!Isaac and Kelly arrive on scene, confused and concerned about what the hell is with the outfit shifts and shenanigans.

Joy and Alex escort the girl back to her apartment, the rest of the group heads back to the hosts' apartment while trying to figure out what the heck is with up with Will's new look. We all forget that Will is blind still, and I, the ST, am just retconning it as it lasts for a scene and that scene ended. Will tries and fails to get Apollo to talk, Sandy follows along smug as only a cat can be and neither help him dig himself out of the metaphorical hole.

Some people believe, or claim to believe, that Will is possessed and needs an exorcist. It is well established that nobody has standards or even connections to a church that might offer that service. Kelly offers to try it. Alex and Joy (having sort of talked about Joy's new look on the way back) are back, Alex overhears and asks to talk to Kelly privately later. 

The blackout is still going on, so most of the group decides to spend the night. Daniel goes home, though. Guess it's a good thing we're all friends. Right? Right…?


Kilacunae Kilacunae

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